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Design Ideas to Make the Most of a Studio Apartment

While living in a studio apartment isn’t an ideal situation, what with the constant feeling of living in a bedroom and not having enough space for your stuff, it can be a fun and cozy living experience. You’ll find that studio living can be comfortable if your interior designer in UAE incorporates these design hacks when renovating your studio apartment:

Enclose Your Bed

While you don’t have a separate bedroom, see if your can drape curtains around your bed for your own private bed nook, or if you can fit your bed into a closet. While a studio apartment is essentially a bedroom you live in and eat, you can make sure that the whole space feels less like residing in a single room by setting your bed apart from your apartment.

Hang Things

Try not to waste the ceiling space and your walls. Add pegs or hooks to your walls, not only to revamp the look of the space but also to hang functional items. Similarly, you can hang things to your ceiling, such as storage netting or pot racks to augment storage.

Use Big Furniture

Just because you live in a studio apartment, you shouldn’t shy away from big and bold furniture pieces. While it is natural to want to go small in keeping with the dimensions of the apartment, if you sprinkle a lot of small furniture around, your studio apartment might feel too busy and cluttered. On the other hand, a few larger, smart pieces could make your apartment feel airier and bigger. There are great sites from where you can glean décor inspiration.

Lighten and Brighten

Though you might fancy the dramatic look created by small dark spaces, always try to brighten and lighten your studio apartment when in doubt. Your studio will also feel bigger when you brighten it. Take away all items that might be obscuring natural light and clean up windows. Lighten with materials choices and paint colors. Where needed, be sure to add lights.

Use See-Through Things

If your studio is in need of chairs or a table, but you are afraid that such pieces would clutter up your space, it is better to use see-through furniture. If you want to get rid of the visual bulk while gleaning all the functions you need, try to replace your furniture pieces with ones fabricated out of clear materials.

Raise Your Bed

Beds take up most of your already constricted space. However, why not raise the bed to augment storage and enhance the use of that space. Adding risers allow you to garner a few inches of under-bed storage.