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Another mega project is master planned. Its construction will start by the end of the 2017, and no matter how ambitious it is it will be finished in couple of years. In the heart of Dubai’s business district, taking the existing Emirates Office Tower as its center a new business district is conceived. The project called Emirates Tower Business Part will become an integrated business district with new skylines, hotels, other corporate facilities and green parks, pedestrian areas and pedestrian bridges.


The aim of the project is to cement Dubai’s position as a leading destination for investment. It responds to growing needs for integrated business districts in the region. Emirates Tower Business Park will be located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Happiness Street; which means that it will be strategically positioned near to already existing¬† Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), whose financial operations spread to Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. This project is made as a response to international demand of corporations who are looking to set their base in Dubai business environment. Coming to Dubai means opening to the major emerging market who has growing population of almost 2 billion people.


The complex will be built around Emirates Office Tower, also known as Emirates Tower one. It is a 54 floor office building facing and connected with almost a mirror like Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel. These two towers are commonly referred to as the Emirates Towers Complex. In the shape of two equilateral triangles it is suitable for becoming geometrical center of the new surrounding business complex that will be developed all around them. New buildings with grade A office space that will be created as an addition to Towers will come with all facilities you can imagine to support an integrated corporate environment. It will include three five star hotels, retail space, places for corporate events and other ancillary facilities.  The whole area will be supported by three level basement, one of which will be dedicated to underground traffic communication.


Dubai authorities say that Business Park is one of the innovative solutions for the future that is meeting investor’s needs. It should strengthen Dubai’s position as a preferred location for large international corporations willing to engage in the Middle East market. The project is a part of efforts for economic diversification in the future. No wonder the Park will contain the Museum of the Future, which is said to offer laboratories for innovation in different sectors like health, transportation, energy and education.