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5 Bad Yoga Practice That You Need To Avoid

Practicing yoga can bring forth a number of benefits to its practitioners. It can help you achieve peace of mind and also help you achieve body flexibility and dexterity. Some practitioners include yoga on their routine to lose weight.

But to be able to reap its benefits, you need to do it right. If you are scheduled to attend yoga classes in Dubai in the coming days, here are some practices that you should not do:

  • Pushing yourself too hard

Some first-timers try to keep up with other by trying too hard to advance their level. But bear in mind that there is no competition here and you don’t need to be too critical of yourself. Pushing yourself too hard would only lead to exhausting your body and bringing stress to your mind. Work at your own phase. If you feel that you are not yet ready to take on advance classes, start with simple ones that you can master easily. Once you master the simple poses, you can slowly learn the more complicated poses.

  • Making progress comparison

Another mistake that most yoga beginners commit is that they try to compare their progress with others. It might be true that others have the natural capability to learn the poses and it comes easily for them. But each person has their own learning curve to follow. You might think that your progress is slower than the others, but you are doing just fine. Nobody is forcing you to level up. Focus on your own progress instead.

  • Food binging before your class

It is true that yoga can help people to lose weight and maintain their figure, but it doesn’t mean that you will go ahead and binge an hour before your class. Yoga instructors advise against eating too much before your session as it can restrict your movement and make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. It can also cause your muscles to shortchange on energy, leaving you feel exhausted easily.

  • Skipping the basic lessons

Some yoga beginners try to take the advance classes, thinking that the basic yoga lessons can learned along the way. But skipping on your basic lessons will only make your practice foundation weaker. It would be best if you will take the beginners classes so you will be able to learn the rudiments of yoga before taking the advance lessons.

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