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5 Tips For Parents on Raising A Cheerful Baby

A happy child is always the center of attention and appreciation. A lot of people find happy babies endearing and cute. Although being happy can be subjective, there are studies that indicate that there is a science behind raising a happy baby.

Experienced babysitter in Dubai compiled a number of tips and techniques to ensure that your baby will grow up to be a happy and positive individual:

  1. Promote cuddle and snuggle


It has been said that the Kangaroo method was able to save thousands of premature babies. The skin-to-skin contact method is known to improve the immune system of newborn babies, especially the ones with compromised or weak health. But studies also show that skin-to-skin contact can increase the level of oxytocin, a “cuddle chemical” which makes the baby feel more comfortable and safe. This one of the reasons why advocates are promoting breastfeeding in Dubai. So be sure to give your baby lots of hugs and cuddles to make him/her feel safe and happy.


  1. Let your baby have a complete sleep


Babies are inherently cute and hard to resist, which is why people are always are pinching and holding them even when they are asleep. However, these habits can interrupt your baby’s rest and send him/her in a crying rage. It would be best to let your baby have a complete rest, especially during their first three months of life. A complete sleep would help them grow faster and help them have a better mood when they wake up.


  1. Check your baby’s body


Babies are born to communicate. But unlike adults, their language is crude and they communicate through crying. But letting them cry for a great deal of time might change their behavioral pattern and turn them into a fussy baby.  If your baby is crying incessantly, be sure to check them thoroughly. There is a reason why your baby is fussing, it can be because he/she is hungry, uncomfortable, or he/she is feeling unwell.


  1. Shower them with love


This goes without saying, but knowing how to shower them with love and attention is the main question. During newborn and infant stage, babies are in need of constant attention from their parents. Be sure to spend time with your babies and play with them. Make eye contact and smile often. This can help develop their cognitive skills and also increase their emotional quotient.