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All Ladies Party: 5 Party Planning Hacks

An all-girls night out is an exciting event to go to, but planning and organizing this can be a pain. But you don’t have to stress yourself thinking how you can make it happen. There are ways to plan your all-girls night out without a snitch. If you are tasked the honor of organizing your group’s night out, then here are some party planning hacks that might be of help to you:

  1. Host a pre-event shindig


Normally, girlfriends just meet at the bar and start the party there. But you can break that tradition and start the party before the actual shindig. Invite your friend over to your house and start your preparation there. You can do some quick modeling stints while drinking some bubbly champagne. You and your girl friends would definitely love this pre-party event.


  1. Prepare your ride

Your travel from your residence to the bar should give you and your friend an overview about the things to come. To ensure that the ride to the location is fun, book or rent a limousine. This would make you and your friends feel like a rock star. You can also use this as an after-party service should you and your friends decided to go somewhere. Just make sure that the ride that you will book will fit everyone.


  1. Book your reservations early

Some party-goers prefer to go to the bar and line up before they can ever go inside. If you have an event on Thursday night in Dubai, be sure to book your reservations even before that. This would ensure that you will have a spot inside the bar and also to avoid the long lines. Although some establishments have a big capacity, having a reservation would allow you to have the best spot.


  1. Think about the after-party activity

Once you and your friends are done partying and bar hopping, you might want to go somewhere else, like go for a late night dinner or a coffee. Be sure to have a mental note of places you can go after the party.


  1. Do not forget to take a pic

Of course, you need to cap the night with a photo of the group. Be sure to take some pics of the event and share it with your friends. Take as much photos as possible so you and your friends can choose what memories to post.


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