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Building Dubai

Many people never heard of Dubai until it became one of the most important places in the world. If you want to make money – you go to Dubai; If you want to have  the vacation of your life – you go to Dubai; if you want a dream wedding – you go to Dubai; if you want to experience the best clubs, food and drinks in the world – you go to Dubai! But was it always like that?

When you look at the pictures of Dubai from only thirty years ago it looks like a village in a middle of the desert. No tall buildings, no skyscrapers, no flashing lights, nothing like today. It is almost unbelievable what happened in that area in little more than a two decades.

Dubai was founded by Ubaid bin Saeed and Maktum bin Butti Al Maktoom. Flourishment of the city began with the discovery of oil in the area. Everybody knows that oil is the same thing as gold, so what happened next is not a surprise because there was a lot of oil!

People from all over the world wanted the peace of Dubai and to try to make their ends meet there. That is why today more than two million foreigners live in Dubai. That is very large number of foreign people in one city. Altogether they make 96% of  the entire population.

This amazing city grew out of desert. That took a lot of work, but once they started there was no way back. It is almost funny that before that “old” Dubai was oriented towards agriculture, and it had no fancy hotels; and today – the only seven stars hotel, Burj Al Arab, is in this city. There is also something that can be compared with the Great Wall of China: Palm Island; both can be seen from the moon. And of course, the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. It attracts extreme sportsmen, musicians, exhibitionists, and many others; some of them want to jump from it, others want to use it in their music videos and there are even those who go on the top of it to try to overcome the fear of height because they say that the best way to fight our fears is to go to the extreme.

The part of the planet where Dubai is, is known for so many political conflicts, wars and other horrible stuff, but this city manages to stay as some kind of peaceful oasis in the middle of war desert.

After all that being said – it is not strange when people say that Dubai is New New York.