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How Casual Dressing Can Affect Your Business

Casual dressing is one of the rising trend in the business industry. This no-uniform policy is being implemented in various workplaces and you can see lots of employees going to work on their casual and laid back styling.

But despite the trend, there is a downside to this kind of set up. If you are not familiar with these setback, read on these negative effects:

  • Vague brand recognition and recall

Branding is all about standing out from the sea of competition and it is what makes you different from your competitors. This is especially true with the retail industry. By having a strong brand recall, you can be easily identified by your customers. And branding should be cascade from the top management to the employees. One thing that can improve this is through wearing the company brand, hence, the uniforms.


With casual wear, it would be hard for others to identify you and the brand. You will not be able to maximize your employees for brand promotion.


  • Does not look professional

Working in a professional environment would mean that you need to look your best and also look the part. Casual wear will not be able to give that effect. Clients might perceived this as a lax and laid back environment which they will correlate with the kind of work or service that your company will be providing.


Having a company uniform would give the impression of professionalism and seriousness in the workplace and would definitely make it easier for you to convince clients to subscribe to your services.


  • No commonality inside the workplace

It has been discussed in a lot of studies that having no commonality in the workplace can be harmful to the company’s growth. Why? It is because the employees see no semblance of unity in the workplace and more likely affect team performance. If your office is into daily casual wear, expect some disconnect within the workspace.


Having a visual commonality would help built camaraderie amongst employees and promote team work.


  • Casual wear might be affecting their performance

Your employees might not be aware but their ensemble might be affecting their work performance. For instance, coming to the office with flashy but uncomfortable outfit can restrict movement and lead to delay or substandard work. A comfortable uniform produced by top uniform manufacturers in UAE can help provide comfort to the wearer, taking to account the functionalities.

  • Safety can be compromised


There are some industries that are not suited for casual wear since the employees’ safety would be compromised. If employers of these industries insist on casual wear, he might be putting his employees at risk.


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