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How to Avoid Travel Scams in Dubai

There are many nationals of the Emirates, especially Dubai who wish to travel the world. As there are many travel agencies out there, it is quite difficult to pick the one that is reliable enough to trust your entire travels to. Here are some red flags that you should avoid at all costs.

When looking for immigration lawyers in Dubai you should make sure that they have offices all over the region, or at least they have offices in the important regions. People who pick firms with offices only in an area or with a single office tend to be scammed more. This is due to the fact that scam agencies are unable to build repute due to their scams and hence they do not have offices in more than one destination.

If you are trying to apply for a visa to countries that have a strict restriction on foreign travel, such as the USA and UK, you should make sure that your travel agent or the firm who is looking after your visa application is not demanding any money upfront for “extra issues”. These countries never accept bribes and their offices are relatively free of corruption. So if you are submitting a UK visa application from Dubai, there is no way that you will have to pay a bribe to get it through and there is no way that any agent can pay a bribe to get it through.

Another red flag to avoid is the existence of clients that are nothing but digital. There are many travel consultants and firms that will show you the names of their clients on their websites but once you try to contact these international firms they will say that they have not worked with any such consultant, so make sure that you call at least a couple of their prior clients before making a commitment to any firm.

When you are looking for a firm to handle your documents, make sure that you visit their offices in person. Any firm who wants to just correspond with you via email or skype and then wants you to fax over the documents, is not one that you should work with. Even large firms have some time for their clients. The client is, after all, paying the hourly bill. So if you are only meeting via the internet, it is a red flag and one should avoid such companies.