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Questions to Ask When Choosing a University Accommodation

Searching for university accommodation is not like seeking out other kinds of housing and there are a lot of seemingly insignificant details that you need to look out for beforehand to make your life easier. At the end of a viewing, most students find themselves put on the spot and at a loss for things they had initially wanted to ask. However, you’ll want to pull your hair out in frustration upon discovering a broken shower, noisy neighbors, and damp ceilings and feel rueful for not asking the right questions. Here are a few questions that you should be asking before deciding on a place.

  • Are the beds comfortable?

While this may not sound like a big deal, most students won’t be able to get themselves a new bed or mattress if they find it in a dilapidated state and landlords prove to be painfully slow at replacing them. Uncomfortable bedding might hurt your back and make you restless at night, making it harder to glean a few peaceful hours of snooze. This is especially a priority if you are one of those people who enjoy a good nap. Try to lie down on the beds to garner an idea. In addition, knowing the dimensions of your potential bedding helps when purchasing bedding essentials in UK.

  • Ask Them to Turn the shower on

While this would surely get you a weird look from the landlord and most tenants might even refuse to oblige, you should remember that this is the house you would be spending the next few years in, so knowing if you will get access to daily amenities should be a priority if you do not want to spend tiring hours after university taking care of day-to-day facilities. Whereas most students know to ask about bills, rent, and deposits, only few prudent ones actually think about the possibility of stepping into an inefficient shower with no natural light before an early morning class!

  • Do the Neighbors’ Ever Complain?

Student houses are often located in the vicinity of resident houses, which translate into non-student neighbors who would either be a pain in the neck or downright fantastic. They might be snobby people who complain for no reason or they might have had legitimate reasons for complaining. It’s worth learning all that your tenant can tell you about the neighbors before you decide on a house. Visit www.inaboxgroupltd.com to learn more about student accommodations.