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Tips On Taking Care Of Patients With Dementia

For relatives who have a loved one suffering from Dementia, taking care of them can be a challenge. Some relatives just give up and send them to nursing homes to be taken care of by others.

However, dementia patients needed the support of their families and loved one the most so they can get through this disease. If you are having a hard time taking care of a loved one with Dementia, here are some tips that might help you ease to it.


  • Acknowledge the you need help

Taking care of a patient with dementia can be difficult, especially for someone that has no experience dealing with it. You have to acknowledge that you cannot do this alone and having a professional to help on caregiving would somehow ease the burden. There are a lot of home care Abu Dhabi professionals that you can employ to assist on this. These medical professionals are trained to deal with patients who have been on the same situation. You can also get some insights on the right way of caring for them.


  • Be patient with them

Patients suffering from dementia can be difficult to deal with, especially when they are having their “moments”. You need to show patience, empathy and compassion for you to understand their situation. In times that the patient become unruly or confused, take time to restraint gently them or to explain to them the situation. Ease them to the present situation so they may be disoriented.


  • Get their cooperation

Some dementia patients will find themselves not trusting the people around them due to their illness. To be able to manage their illness, you need to get their cooperation. This is a bit tricky as there will be moments that the patient will refuse your request. You need to get their trust little by little. Use positive approach when dealing with them and give clear explanation and instructions.  Do not confuse them with choices, instead keep everything simple.


  • Interest them with physical activities

Some dementia patients fall on catatonic state on most days. This might affect their motor skills. During their calm moments, ask them to do some physical activities like going for a long walk, or doing some light exercises.


  • Go for the memory lane approach

Memory loss is a sign of dementia, and sadly there is no treatment for such. You may find the patient not remembering your name or his name. From time to time, show them old photos and tell them stories about themselves. There is no guarantee that they will remember all, but bits and pieces of yesterday can help them remember a bit.

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