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Things to know about the components of braces

Before getting to know about the component of braces, it is necessary for you to understand what braces actually are. Braces are basically devices, which are used in orthodontics to align and straighten teeth. There are many types of braces available at all the best dental clinics in Motor City and you need to choose one that is best for you. However, there is no way that you would be able to make this choice on your own. It is best for you to initially get checked by a dentist who would assess the overall condition of your teeth first. Once done, he will suggest the best options for you in terms of the braces that would best help you out.

Now, let us talk about the components of braces. There are five basic components of braces and all them play an extremely important role in treating whatever oral problem it is that you need braces for. The five basic components are:

  • Brackets
  • Archwire
  • Ligatures or O-rings
  • Hooks
  • Elastic chain


Brackets vary according to which type of braces you have. These are basically a small ceramic or metal square that is glued to every single tooth with special glue that holds them there for a long time. If any of your brackets ever de-bond from your tooth, the process to put it back in its place is very time-consuming and the entire treatment might get affected. If such an incident takes place, make sure that you get in touch with your orthodontist right away and get your brackets glued on again.


It is a metal wire that is tied upon each of your bracket. It presses your teeth so that they can move towards the desired position. Its main function is to correct the irregularities in the position of the teeth or can be used in maintaining the same dental position.

Ligatures or O-rings

These are small elastics that are tied over every bracket on your braces to support the archwire. O-rings are available in a variety of colors.


In the end of the treatment, hooks are placed upon the archwire so that the elastic chain can get attached to it.

Elastic chain

It helps in closing spaces between the teeth and in the correction of centerlines and bites. They apply extra force and your teeth are moved far quickly. If any of your teeth have been extracted, then your doctor will place an elastic chain after a while to diminish the gap. You could try here for more information in this regard.